I believe that good design can be a tool to better understanding. A well designed diagram or infographic should illustrate a complex concept in simplified visual representation. Here are a compilation of examples of diagrams and infographics I have created that worked especially well.

Interactive infographic shows AT&T’s network of capabilities and the outcomes experience by users


Naming strategy infographic
During strategic naming exercise, consensus grows as messaging is refined

Bipartisan Policy Center
Infographic representing the benefits of privatizing infrastructure maintenance

IBM telephony infographic
Customer service management process using IBM System i telephony solutions

IBM Express Advantage component overlap graphic
Express Advantage suite of offerings overlap across four categories

IBM Center for Applied Insights infographic
Leaders are introducing products and services quickly while meeting regulartory requirements.

IBM Strategy and Transformation diagram
IBM Strategy and Transformation combines three key areas for a new approach to solution development

IBM Center for Applied Insights graphics
Enterprise innovators are outperforming their peers.

Involvement chart
Offerings options are measured by level of implementation

Local police use data to crack cold cases, illustration infographic
Data collected from patterns in local criminal behavior allows police to create a list of suspects, aiding in cracking cold cases.