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For all of my life I have been Paula Snyder. PBS. PS. The end. Until I got engaged…

Now along with wedding planning and invitation design I’ve added rebranding myself with my new name to my list of “to do’s” before I get married next month. I will now be Giver Creative. And as a typography junky I couldn’t be more excited. S is a fun letter to design with. It lends itself to lots of scripty loops and fun swirls, but G… G is a COOL LETTER! There are so many different kinds of Gs. Uppercase Gs and Cursive Gs and and grade-school-esque simple sans serif Gs and then my ultimate favorite… the stacked g. So here I go… wading into the world the uncharted monogram, ears, links and loops.

GiverCreative_logo_stacked GiverCreative_logo_horizontalGC_buscard copy

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